Buy Single Family Home or Townhouse – Which Option Will Be the Best For You?

If you are on the way to a property search, new townhomes could be right fit for you. On the other hand, single family homes for sale are another chance to put an end to the tiresome property hunt. Whether you decide to buy single family home or a townhouse, don’t forget to pick the one which closely suits your choice.

Most Toronto realtors would suggest you to invest in realty that reflects your lifestyle. No doubt, this may be difficult decision for you to take, but if you broke down the pros of both the available options, you may find it easier to choose between a town house and a home.

Townhouse – Pros of considering this option! 

  • Little Maintenance: 

Most of the townhouses are looked after by the Homeowners’ Associations that take complete upkeep of the homes’ exteriors. Opting to consider new townhomes would help you ease the hassles of snow removal and other outdoor maintenance tasks that could be hectic otherwise. 

  • Low Purchasing Cost: 

Townhouses are equipped with amenities like granite countertops, modular kitchen, etc. These are also cheaper than single family homes, which is an added bonus. Property search is heavily dependent on price and a low price is a positive signal. 

  • Highly Secured Facility: 

Neighbors stay in close proximity of your townhome which is comforting at times. For example, if you need to go out of the city for a few days, your neighbors will be there to keep their watchful eyes on your home. Thus, you can greatly ensure the safety of your home. This is why new townhomes are a good option. 

  • Ultra Modern Amenities: 

The access to luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, green parks is quite convenient. Moreover, these areas are managed by the concerned associations and your membership includes the fees for using the same. 

Single Family Home – Pros of opting to this alternative! 

  • Higher Re-sale Price:

As per the Canadian real estate association, the demand to buy single family home is increasing which means you can get a higher resale value in the future. You can renovate these houses with decor improvements and more to crack a high profit, single family homes for sale deal in the future. 

  • More Privacy: 

Privacy can be easily maintained in the single detached homes. Moreover, the land is owned by you that give you the freedom to fence your property to enjoy the extra privacy. 

  • Spacious: 

Single family detached homes are spacious and can accommodate a growing family. Being spacious, they provide a huge space for home parties and special functions. 

Whether you opt for purchasing new townhomes or buy single family home, it is always difficult to find the ideal home within your budget. For cracking a good realty deal, extensive market search is desired which trusted Toronto realtors can provide. Contact such a real estate agent today who can make your realty dreams come true. 

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