Toronto Real Estate Roundup As On 3rd October 2015

Welcome to Here you will find the latest realty happenings and everything you want to know about the housing market in Toronto this fall.

This week in Toronto: Toronto real estate sales continue to get stronger and the buyers are finding renting a condo, a better option than buying.

Elsewhere: Housing market prices are on the hike in Canada, most of the apartments in Manhattan have crossed the 1 million mark and a huge sale has been seen in very small London “flat” that has caught a huge attention of the online buyers.

Recent Happenings in Toronto Housing Market In The Fall 2015

According to the Globe, the Housing sales Toronto has gone stronger than ever in all market segments by the beginning of Oct, 2015.

A recent survey conducted by the Globe Real Estate has confirmed that the Toronto residents are still showing interest in gaining a toehold space at the eye catching prices. Be it about owning a chateau in the suburbs or a townhouse in Kensington Market, there is a cut-throat competition to buy the realties around.

A) Buyers Curiously Watching the Fall Toronto Housing Market

Real estate buyers in Toronto appear to be tracking the fall market very carefully – especially due to the excessive bidding that was taken place in the city last spring.

B) Competition Bureau Battling to Block Public Access to Vital Real Estate Stats (CBC)

The fight is ongoing for restricting the public access to crucial realty stats. The battle boils down between the real estate brokers and competition bureau who are giving the public a free online access to vital real estate information such as home sales information as brought into limelight by CBC.

C) Has the Love Between Canadians and the Realty Market Lost?

Absolutely not! In general, Canadians are much more attached to the real estate than any other in the world. Moreover, they have found reason to invest in the booming real estate and that is their growing family concerns. Nowadays, you will find that out of the day traders mostly are the elementary school teachers who want to accumulate portfolios of townhouses. These people are always interested to talk about their recent pre-construction condo purchase.

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